Yoga Styles

Absolute Beginner Yoga:
Based on Hatha Yoga, Absolute Beginner is an excellent introduction to Yoga. We teach beginners through structured,corectly based classes where you will learn to practice effectively and safely.  You will also learn how to adapt your to accommodate your own needs and comfort.  Classes are on-going – join any time.

Warm Hatha Flow:
Making Yoga more accessible. Modified versions of more challenging postures are always given. This class the temperature is raised to around 85-95 degrees.  This class is for everybody.

Boomer  Yoga:
Explore how yoga practice should change as the years accumulate. “Boomer Yoga” classes offer an introduction and practical yoga asana advice for both new yogis and those searching for a way to adapt their practice to an aging body.

Boomer Style classes Shown as Yoga with Angie  Mon Tues 6:15pm

Ashtanga Yoga:
Primary Series. Levels 1 & 2,modifications and adjustments are also offered.

Gentle Hatha Yoga:
The classical form of Yoga posture and breathing – revitalizes your physical, mental and spiritual energy. The movements of abdominal contraction and expansion help to detoxify the vital organs as they stimulate the spine, increase muscle tone and flexibility. 

Yoga Flow/Power Yoga
Emphasizes smooth movement and flowing transitions between poses. Breathing exercises, are integrated with the yoga poses. The purpose of Shakti yoga is to increase your energy, vitality and spirituality. Mindfulness is also part of the practice as the instructor encourages you to focus on your energy and your breath. Although Shakti yoga encompasses many yoga poses, the sun salutation, or Surya Namaskar, is the fundamental sequence.

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